10 Engaging Video Content That People Love to Watch

Studies suggest that by 2022, 82 percent of the online traffic will be video content. The significance of video content can be gauged from the fact that 86 percent of marketers have stated that a video has helped them increase website traffic. So, brands must invest in top-notch video marketing and put out premium quality video content to stay ahead in the race of garnering revenue and reputation. If you are confused about the type of video content you should opt for your business, you are at the right place. We have cataloged a list of ten types of video content that are all the rage right now.

      • Vlogs have gained immense popularity in the last few years. They are engaging, entertaining, and also very interactive. A short vlog is a fantastic trajectory to take to elevate the reach of your business.
      • Animated videos are quirky and highly amusing. They can be created on a budget, and their impact on people is appreciable. The only essential thing is to opt for the right animated video style and message based on your brand and its purpose.
      • A Personal YouTube Channel
        A personalized YouTube channel with relevant videos showing certain tidbits of your business can help your brand grow tremendously. This is an upcoming trend and worth all the hype.
      • Video Testimonials
        Video Testimonials are a tried and tested way of improving the credibility of any business. As such, they have become quite popular in the last few years among brands who are keen on elevating their accountability. The concerned audience also trusts and resorts to video testimonials as a way of finding more about any company. Research reveals that video testimonials conversion rates shoot up after incorporating video testimonials.
      • Interactive Webinars
        Webinar videos explaining the details of your products and your brands are a great way to incorporate video content in your marketing layout. Webinars are informative and also highly popular.
      • Instagram reels
        Reels have taken the world by storm. They have helped businesses boom in days and weeks, and gain unprecedented turnover. So, Instagram reels are a type of video content that you must consider investing on.
      • Short videos
        Apps like Tiktok have become popular because of their short videos and interactive content. Although it might seem that the Tiktok demographic is only young people, you can find your niche in the app through research and exploration.
      • Behind-The-Scenes
        Behind-the-Scenes or BTS videos are an excellent way to offer sneak peak to your clientele and target audience and make them feel like they are a part of your organization. BTS videos are funny, conversational, and a great way to elevate the fun factor of your business.
      • Interviews
        Interview video content has widespread appeal among netizens. People tend to retort to recurring interview series that are informative and interesting. You can opt for interview video content to create an esteemed brand image.
      • Tutorials
        The term – tutorial – has, indeed, become a buzzword. Every platform on the Internet is brimming with tutorials of different kinds. So, without a doubt, deciding to produce them is a fantastic business decision.

    The gravity associated with video content on the Internet is a consequence of how accessible videos are. So, make sure you invest in this upcoming trend and make the most of every opportunity.