5 Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

We all know that achieving optimal results from Google ads is quite a challenging feat. Extracting the best results from Google ads can be a hit and miss. Whether you are a Google Ads campaign novice or a pro, minor mistakes can accumulate over time and sabotage your overall performance. Such errors can cost you time and money, in this the case you need to opt for a google ads agency Sydney. Mentioned below are 5 Google Ads mistakes that you must avoid.

  • Making Use of Erroneous Keyword Match – It is easy to assume that your ads will pop up in relevant searches as long as you target the right keywords with a high bid. But unfortunately, this perception is a myth. If you choose the wrong keyword match, your ad might appear in unrelated search words. Conversely, if you pair the keywords too precisely, your ad might not show up even on related searches. To optimize your search ads, the necessity aspect is to indulge in thoughtful research of your keyword along with an intense understanding of your audience’s search intents and requirements.
  • Not Tracking Conversations – Tracking your ad campaign results is an integral part of the entire process. Conversion tracking is a way to quantify specific interactions users have with your site in the form of transactions, form submissions, phone calls, and so forth. In the absence of some tracks, you are running your campaign blindfolded – which is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Conversion tracking enables you to see the performance of your campaigns in terms of sales and leads. This information is vital and can help you revise your campaign as needed.
  • Neglecting Ad Extensions – For those unaware, ad extensions are clickable elements that you can attach to any Google advertisement. They can display your information, such as a business’s phone number, an item’s price, or the services that your company offers. Although Google ads are optional, headquarters at Google asserts that they contribute up to 15 percent higher click-through rate (CTR). Neglecting ad extensions is something that you should want to avoid.
  • Ignoring Newer Versions of Ads each Month – You can keep your marketing campaign fresh by adjusting and updating your ads every month. Monthly updates to your ads give you the chance to re-evaluate and revise your google ads based on how well they are performing.
  • Forgetting Negative Keywords – Google supports three types of negative keywords – broad, phrase, and exact match – and it is crucial to understand that adding the right negative keyword can make your ads appear in relevant searches seamlessly. So, you must never forget negative keywords while running a Google ad campaign.


needless to say, Google ads can be a boon to businesses of all sizes and types. Utilizing this technological tool and avoiding mistakes can help elevate your brand in terms of sales, reputation, and leads.