10 Reasons you need a new website

You may be wondering: if you’ve gotten this far without a website, is my business in need of one? I have already been successful without a marketing plan. What’s the point of having a website?
In this digital age, you need to have a strong online presence. Either a new website or an upgraded one, your website has to be compelling. People using the Internet to find businesses has increased exponentially, and yellow pages have almost been rendered obsolete. Here are the top 10 reasons that will give you an idea about why you need a new website:

      • Digital Business Card cant be slow
        A company’s website serves as a kind of digital business card, providing access to contact information, employee names, services offered and more. A slow-loading website will turn potential customers off. Typically, people prefer not to wait for the next website; they will simply move on.
      • Be Discoverable
        When people are looking for companies they want to work with; they use search engines specifically. Search engines are the starting point of 93% of all online experiences. It is, therefore, crucial to have a search-engine-optimized website for your company. Your business will then be accessible to consumers.
      • Build Credibility
        When it comes to convincing consumers to buy, first impressions are important. Your website appearance is what consumers consider when judging your business. Your website should be easy to use and professionally designed so that potential customers know they can trust you.
      • Cost-Effective Marketing
        Every company wants to maximize revenue within its budget to achieve the greatest return on investment. Optimizing your website for search is one of the most effective forms of marketing.
      • Rank Higher
        If your company website is mobile-friendly, you can reap the benefits of Google’s preference and appear higher up on the search results. By optimizing your company’s visibility to consumers looking for it, you increase your chances of them contacting you.
      • The website is interactive 24×7
        Your website is open 24/7, seven days a week. You are capable of providing helpful information, serving as a point of contact, or allowing customers to make purchases or submit orders on your website, even when your staff is not available.
      • Your Website is Really Bad
        Website is the first thing people look for after knowing your product or service. Design or redesign; your website should look great.
      • Grow your Business
        Your business needs to have a website if you want to grow and bring in new customers. Business owners who have launched websites report being satisfied with the results.
      • Improve the brand and company image
        You can hone your brand using your company’s specific aesthetic, vocabulary, and more on your website. It’s an ideal platform to tell your brand’s story. You can paint the picture of your business by creating and managing the site and content of your business.
      • Social Proof
        People expect to find more information about your brand on your website, whether you have a 5-star rating or not. Customer testimonials can serve as social proof and amaze potential buyers since they already shop online for you.

    You can use your website for marketing your business effectively. How does that reflect on your company if it doesn’t look good? Make sure that your website makes the right first impression on potential clients or customers!