10 strategies to create brand awareness

For small businesses some effective brand strategies are essential to reach newer heights every day. Even if achieving the status of big brands might seem unrealistic, making use of time-tested strategies can make a lot of difference.

These 10 effective and failsafe strategies are definitely going to help you with your brand awareness!

1) Compelling storytelling:
One of the best ways to make people remember your brand and not just recognize it is to make use of stellar storytelling. These stories should be relatable, worth making the audience laugh, or emotionally moving while also relating to your brand to ensure that they don’t forget your brand.

2) Leverage Referral programs
Do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Instead, build a strategy around it by creating referral programs. Make sure that you add some perks for your referral programs and you will be astonished to see how your customers gladly spread a word about your product and service to their acquaintances and peers.

3) Bettering Customer Satisfaction
Several people don’t want to engage with brands which have a bad reputation, and those experiencing bad customer service use social media to talk about their experience. Ensure that you keep customer experience as your priority. If you mess up, try and make amends by replacing products, doing giveaways while also staying transparent to your audience.

4) Impressive guest content
One of the ways to make your brand awareness strategy successful is to add value to your niche. Curate gorgeous, valuable content to share on other blogs. Guest posting is still one of the most effective ways of establishing your brand’s name only if you create high-quality top-notch content. Once you leave a lasting impression on the readers, you will surely see an increase in the number of customers.

5) Include Bright Infographics
As infographics display marketing data and stats in an interesting, colorful manner – people get easily drawn to it. These displays are like content powerhouses and spread like wildfire on social media platforms, making it one of the best strategies for enhancing brand awareness.

6) Offering Freemiums
Freemiums give a push to your brand awareness and make people know about your services and products. Several brands allow users to avail a free version of their services. Alongside, they also allow users to upgrade to paid versions. Most users opt for the free versions, but promote your brand if their experience is seamless. This in turn attracts valuable users who will avail the paid version of your services.

7) Leverage PPC advertising
To include a smart strategy for brand awareness boost, PPC serves as a good option to increase your brand’s visibility. Using targeted keywords, you can top Google searches. Even if people don’t click on your PPC ad, it will still create an impression necessary for brand awareness.

8) Remarketing campaigns
Remarketing helps to reach out to those users who visit your site but don’t engage and leave before converting. Remarketing ads can be placed all around the Web – on blogs, shopping sites, etc. giving an impression that the brand is growing and becoming larger. As this invites fear of losing out in your audience, it enhances conversion rate by leaps and bounds.

9) Partner With Other Brands
You can collaborate with brands sharing the same core values and vision or brands you want to support and come up with some amazing and memorable campaigns. This can help with your brand awareness strategy by making your brand visible to your partner’s audience.

10) Paid social advertising
If no organic social marketing strategy works, then paid social advertising can help you out. Make use of ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as they are cheap and help with increasing your brand’s visibility. It can take some time to convert your users, but steps towards brand familiarity is a step towards your users availing your services and products.

Once you use all of these plans strategically, you will not only see an increase in visibility of your brand, but also increase in customer engagement and increased traffic of new users to your company.