5 ways your competitor can help you with your google ads campaign

There are several instances where we see people taking business competition to an extent that it turns to rivalry. But what if I told you that your competitors can be the ones to help you with your Google Ad campaigns?

If you’re thinking how is this possible, as a dedicated google ads agency Sydney, we are going to break it down to you. Learning some tricks from your competitor’s bag, and taking full advantage of it can be very beneficial to you. A bit of research and review of your competitors plan of action before making your own. You can use these 5 ways to make sure that your competitors help your Google campaigns succeed.


Your competitors can help you with the heart of Google Ads i.e., the keywords. So, if your competitor has a Google ad running or completed, it is given that they must have done some level of research on keywords. Using tools like SEMRush, you can find out the keywords your competitors use and make good use of it by placing it with your own keyword research. If you’re just entering an industry, reviewing the keywords of the Google Ads experts can help you glean insights that took them years to research.

Ad Copy

One of the other things that your competitors can help you out with is ad copy. You can review ad copy of your most reputed competitors that are always ahead of you by using tools like Ads Preview & Diagnosis tool in Google Ads to see what they use for their display campaigns. Additionally, can your competitors’ customer reviews on Google to review their pain points and also check their appreciating points to include in your ad copy.

Landing Pages

Even if you get everything correct, but don’t optimise your landing page – you’ll not be generating leads. As getting a landing page correct is difficult, reviewing your competitors’ ones can help you alot. Check if they are offering similar things, using similar phrases or layouts the customer likes, etc. This can help you find gaps in their landing pages too which you can use as an opportunity and take advantage of for your landing page. For example, your customers’ landing page does not offer free downloadables, you can use this as a lead magnet.

Customer Personas

If you’re starting out, then identifying a customer person to target your audience can get difficult. This is exactly where your competitors can help you! Go and check out the websites of your competitors who have established their names in the industry. You can also check for companies who offer the same product or service in a different geographical location and evaluate their customer base. Either it can be providing an amazing product or understanding their customer base well. So dig deep into what they do so well, check their loyal customers profile, evaluate it and incorporate all their good stuff but by making it your own!

Promotional Campaigns

If you have competitors who do promotions on different news channels, radios, newspapers, etc then there will definitely be people who will be searching for their brand name or particular terms related to them. You can make use of these promotional terms as your keywords in your search campaigns. You can also create a custom intent audience group in display campaigns to tap some of the traffic that your competitors’ sites get. These campaigns can be really expensive as CPCs are usually elevated for competitor words. But you’ll be able to grab the opportunity to funnel off the traffic that your competitors will be paying to generate for themselves.

Remember that having rivals in business is not a bad thing. They can actually help you navigate in times when you feel clueless about how to upscale your business, and generate leads.