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Immersive Engagement through our Animated Explainer Video Production

In the epoch of consuming quality content online, animated videos have carved a fruitful niche for themselves. Online activities of any internet buff are devoted to watching online videos and graphics.

Our video animated production will make compelling and exciting content online through animations. This will be engaging for your viewers because our videos will have an effective impact on your customer’s minds. Other advantages include:

Bringing an idea to life

The purpose of the product is explained through creative storytelling

Better understanding of your product

Our intent is to create video that are self-explanatory to your clients.

Facilitate Brand development

Graphic-oriented videos with a powerful voiceover create an edge for branding

Perfect for Sales

Our explainer videos help you sell your products effectively and directly to your customers

93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy — an increase from 92% in 2020. Perhaps most strikingly, 87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI

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Video Animation Production: Effective tool for higher SEO ranking

As a top animated video production company, we generate eye-captivating content online that will help your business attain a higher ranking on Google searches and an improved SEO. The steps adopted by us for effective animated video making are:

Shooting a reference video

Shooting a reference video

Analyzing the physical actions and creating a video out of them. A wide reference from some YouTube videos can also be inculcated.



The key poses and frames are decided for a smooth transition of the starting and ending points of the video.



Our animation video maker will break down the movement from each pose to the next by adding “in-betweens” these poses, finally connect with the key pose.



Connecting the movement between all the poses, to make a smoother movement.

Smoothing and offset

Smoothing and offset

Finishing the finalized shot through the smoothing process.

Adding life

Adding life

The small imperfections are amended, and life is added to the video through our expert animation video maker.

Exceptional Animated Explainer Video Service benefits include

  • Boost conversion rates
  • Engage with your customers
  • Helps clients to understand your product
  • Helps in receiving attention at events
  • Improve SEO
  • Cost-effective
  • Brand promotion
  • Saves time
  • Expands the reach
  • Increased customer Interaction
  • Higher conversions
  • Better information sharing
  • Improved feedback
  • Improved visibility

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    Most commonly asked questions by customers for better decision-making.

    What is an Animated Explainer Video?

    Explainer videos are momentarily a distinct way to advertise your product. Presently, it is one of the most extremely growing and effective media. These animated videos are mainly used for introducing a company or its products. Companies are using animated explainer videos on their web page and have got a satisfactory result as per research. Video Animation Production by our animation video maker are informative videos which, explain about the product of a company in a simplified manner.

    As a professional Animated Video Production Company, we make animated videos that are fun to watch and easily understandable to your audience. These videos help them in connecting with your product or service without leaving any important factors about your product behind. As animation doesn't demand any physical production it helps us in being very creative without any limitation. We help you in getting the most suitable video for your business or product. Our animated explainer video production services have long-lasting impact creating higher recall for your brand. With our talented animators who have a great sense of imagination, a good script, and voice-over artist, we present you with your desirable video. Our experienced Animated explainer video production team helps you in representing your product in a very engaging and compelling way.

    Why should you use animated videos?

    Animation videos have a much clear advantage over traditional video. Our animation video maker might just be what your company needs. Animation has seen a surge over the last few years and is witnessing an increasing demand every day.

    Our animated explainer video production team takes complete liberty over the excellent advantage of creativity in video making to produce the best videos describing your business. Animated videos need not be boring. They are perfectly known for developing customer-demand with higher engagement. And yes, we certainly do that through our out-of-the-box video making concepts.

    Your audience would enjoy animated videos as it's very attractive narrating your company or its products, just as your desire. We can create different styles of animated videos as per the suitability of your brand or product. As an animated video production company, we brainstorm over your business and target audience needs. We develop a script starting with your product knowledge then create a storyboard and only with your consent we move forward. With our experienced animators, we develop a specialized character and visual concept which help in being able to attract people and focus on your products. Our aim to deliver high-quality videos that make your brand distinctive even in the online crowd.

    Why should you hire us?

    Our animation video maker at BrandResQ, will give you a perfect animated video of your desire. With our experienced animation experts, we provide you with a video that is eye-catching and gets the viewer's attention, and introduces your product in a way that people immediately get attracted to. We help your audience get connected to your products. We provide you with every little detail when working on your animation which you could look into, monitor, and revise if necessary, which will help save your time.

    As a top animated video production company, we follow the process diligently. A proper storyboard will be provided to you with the entire script and characters to be used. And changes to be done according to your requests. Every character which will be used for your animation will be independently designed and will be specially made for you out of scratch for your company which, in further videos could be used as your company's unique personality.

    Brainstorming sessions will be held to make your animated video in the same depth and intuition as you have made your product. With unlimited revisions and instant changes as necessary. BrandResQ believes that time and quality are the most valuable things so, without comprising on either of them we provide you with an effective and fun animated video.

    What kind of videos do we produce?

    We at BrandResQ produce branding videos, these branded videos are crafted for a specific brand to be promoted and marketed. Next in line, we make app previews, these videos are made to demonstrate and display the features of your app. We at BrandResQ make videos that will project the specifications exuded by your application. Our videos are made to be very informative, comprehensive, and eye-catchy. Our animation video maker head creates compelling and innovative content to carve an independent niche for itself. Tv commercials are another market that BrandResQ has tapped. We make videos for all the telemarketing and advertising to extend the reach of your product or brand’s services to a greater audience. The volumes catered are huge.

    Our animation video maker also makes explainer videos to facilitate easy learning for your clients. Through our knowledge-centric and information-driven videos. We also divulge into company story videos, which is an aid to promote the work and functioning of your company through your company’s employees featuring in the testimonials. Additionally, we make screencast tutorials and walkthrough videos. These screencast tutorials are a digital video recording of your computer screen involving audio narration.

    What does the animated video-making process look like?

    As an animated video production company, we make it a point to create comprehensive and gripping videos. This will help your company in your brand development and reaching out to a larger clientele. As experienced professionals, we dwell and follow a complete process ensuring optimum delivery.

    The first is implementation through a discussion about the objectives and needs of your business followed by research on the competitors. The next stage involves the formation of a well-thought script. This step involves shaping a clear message and creatively transferring it into a story. Storyboarding is the third step wherein the sketches of illustrations are drawn to be inserted in the video. This step helps to eliminate all the infelicities of the concept.  After this, the fourth stage works around voice recording because every professional video requires a voiceover. The fifth stage revolves around creating the first draft video, wherein the illustrations are converted into an eye-catchy animated video. Then adding the sound effects to make the animated video engaging.

    We then produce and submit the video for your review. We are happy to assist with any kind of changes for the betterment. We also like to discuss on further improvements during the feedback session. The final draft of the video is delivered, publish, and marketed by our animated video maker with your agreement.

    How long does it take?

    We at BrandResQ know that time and quality are the two most significant things for a company. Thus, we put a great deal of effort and value to give our customers a very effective and satisfactory result without compromising on either. We provide you with real-time information and details about our development which you could monitor and give us feedback, on which we perform the modifications you wanted so that we could immediately get you the results and save your valuable time.

    Our animated video production company will hold a brainstorming session in which both the teams could give ideas regarding the requirement to finalize the most effective strategy. With the concept finalized we immediately start on our script which will have all the details you want about your product and we'll turn it into an artistic aspect without losing any time or your requirements. We then hand-over the script for a revision. With that cleared, our animation video maker immediately will start with our frame-by-frame storyboard and create a unique visual design that positively matches your product. Our experienced animators simultaneously work on the video which results in being less time-consuming and more efficient.

    How much does it cost?

    Animated videos created by our animation video maker are mainly used for introducing a company or a product. We at BrandResQ equip you with animation services that help in reaching your target audience for your business or your products. As animation has been a young trend for advertising. Animation videos are itself cheaper than their traditional video counterparts, as there's very little production required compared to it. With very little investment and absolute creative freedom, animation has made it a very reliable alternative. With already being very little at the cost. BrandResQ introduces more discounts depending upon the package you take, which makes it affordable for you. This turns out to be cheaper than the present animation cost.

    We provide you with video packages including all the necessary features with extreme creative visuals. With this package, we not only work on your animated explainer video but also furthermore into your products making every stage of your businesses unique and highly creative. We combine more discounts depending upon the number of videos you get done from us. We acknowledge all your demands and give you a video surpassing your expectations.  We value the cost and efforts as much as you value your business.


    What all is included in our service package?

    Our service packages include animation packages, video production packages, and social media as well as explainer videos produced by our animation video maker. These are the range of packages which we at BrandResQ offer to our clients. Our services include the creation of explainer videos, these videos are usually featured by a bunch of our team heads or our client’s people to impart learning amongst our clients. These videos are created to instill knowledge in our clients concerning a topic.

    Social media and website videos are to drive engagement actions and captivate viewers with our pleasing videos.  Corporate videos are created to showcase your company’s ideas, business model, and a better understanding of how your company works to your viewers.  Product promotion videos are also covered in our service package to be offered to our clients, these videos comprise alluring ways to market and sell your products, these promotional gimmicks help in your product’s enhanced sales. YouTube advertising is also enclosed in our package to create your widespread reach on the greatest video surfing platform. Event promotional videos are also captured to take the coverage of the event taking place followed by creating animated logos and video production.