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4Nations caters to International education requirements in Sydney. Their team of experienced professionals guides you in making the right decision for your professional life. They envision developing a hassle-free journey overseas for you. It aims to provide complete structured support for granting your education and business demands across territories.

+68% Increased conversions with paid social
+87% Increase traffic through Google Ads
+254% Increase in inquiry
and awareness ratio


As the company serves 4 nations- Australia, India, Nepal, and Vietnam it was quite a challenge to handle all social media accounts. The social pages required attention locally with strategies that are demographically fitting. Their PPC campaigns in Google Ads witnessed lesser traction than expected. As the competition is sparingly high, ranking on a search engine was a concern as they wanted to be visible locally to their customers too. This is when they partnered with BrandResQ as their digital team to manage and execute extraordinary social and google ad campaigns.


We worked meticulously to design geographically fitting campaigns. We aimed to reach out to students and business professionals who are looking to settle overseas. Understanding their interest and requirements each campaign was supported with captivating and engaging content to drive traffic. We also focused on the right keyword selection ensuring increased conversions in social media and Google. We aimed to drive consistency across all social media handles and ads to drive optimum results with quality growth.


Knowing that aligning 8 social media and campaigns per geography is an imperative criterion, we started formulating location-based strategies that would enable us to derive maximum results in each region. We also ensured all our campaigns meet the policy requirements as set forward in Google and other social platforms.

Customer Data

A study of previous analytics helped us to understand their customer preferences. Data understanding help us derive the best strategy that turned meaningful for 4nations

Strategic Campaigns

As we had to focus on each region, customer profiling supported us in driving the best audience-based Google campaigns for 4nations.


Each region had its competition. Thus, we started digging deep into their competition per area and create a strong competitor profile. Using efficient tools, we were able to drive the best keyword-based search and social results.


Our strategies led to a 30% rise in their organic and paid search results. Understanding the consumer behavior in each region enabled us to form the best data-driven campaigns that increased their reach.

Starting the campaigns with a thorough analysis helped us to achieve the best results for 4nations. We enabled them to derive more audience response and active audience-reach that proved profitable for 4nations.


This is why we do what we do!

We knew handling all social media pages would not be an easy task. As we were searching for a good team, we found BrandResQ. They not just helped us manage our social handles, but also derived the best region-centric PPC campaigns too. This helped us to find the right target audience, region-wise with the best-paid campaign return. The results delivered were commendable.

- Sam

4 Nations International


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Increased conversions with paid social

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