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Smart Dentwork is a reputed service company known for enhancing automobiles. It provides denting services to car owners. They take complete responsibility for their refurbishing cars with good quality materials. The experts ensure to meet all details professionally as required in the denting services.

+300% Increase in sales through SEO, ORM & Telemarketing
+475% Increase in leads through SEO
+1684.9 star Google ratings through ORM


The thriving competition in the online world was equally difficult for Smart Dentworks to rank top in the search engine. Continuous attempts to drive leads through Google ads were all failing. The lack of technical know-how and focused strategies were only leading to lower results. However, their online reputation and reviews created roadblocks in achieving their targets. Thus, to rescue their online reputation and increased lead generation, they partnered with BrandResQ for effective online reputation management and higher customer traction.


We started understanding how a good online reputation can help score higher sales. We begin to understand customer reviews and our telemarketing services added value to grievance addressed. This enabled us to persuade customers with reviews and generate a positive online repo for their brand. Further, our keyword-targeted SEO metrics enabled them to rank the highest in Google search.


Understanding the significance of online reputation, we marched with a proper plan to enhance their online reputation. We designed campaigns to build an assuring brand image that created trust among consumers. Our SEO strategies were targeted to drive a higher audience reach to their website through the search engine.

Keyword Research

We conducted thorough keyword research to create content that was SEO friendly for higher results.


We conducted a thorough analytics study to understand their audience requirements. This enabled us to form engaging and high-ranking content.

Consumer – Behavior

We started dwelling into all their previous reviews to understand how we can meet their needs and provide them exactly what they want for more reviews. We ensured to collect all reviews for the required platforms ensuring increased online brand personification.


Our dynamic and aggressive online reputation technique led to 70% growth in their online reviews. Our attractive and personalized strategies enabled us to create an affirmative brand identity for Smart Dentworks.

Further, our latest search engine optimization techniques combined with proper competitor analysis led to a higher ranking for them in the search platform. We worked diligently as a team with Smart Dentworks ensuring an advanced online search position.


This is why we do what we do!

Online credibility is significant. We got the idea but did not know what to do. As we were looking for some help, BrandResQ expert guidance on online reputation management helped us to save the sinking ship. We were also able to find the best ranking in Google and now have more audiences reaching out to us. We are very happy with their consistency and diligent workforce.

- Shailesh

Smart Dentworks


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