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Based in Australia, RAGrowth provides business solutions to its clients struggling to pace with the modern corporate structure. They aim to offer end-to-end and competitive solutions to various enterprises granting a valued customer experience. Managed by highly skilled professionals with convenient and broad knowledge of market standards and behavior, their implementation process is seamless and meets all their customer requirements at every stage.

+269% Increase in Revenue
+285% Increase in Website visitors
+184% Increase in leads through Email Marketing


RA Growth has been providing business solutions to business enterprises in Australia. However, their continued struggle of reaching their targets was a priority. Their Google Ads campaigns lacked the effectiveness of gaining audience attention. Their content was not deriving the engagement levels and failed to fascinate their audience. Website design made it impossible for visitors to navigate and find the correct CTA for them to convert into customers.


We have not only improved their performance in marketing but also helped them take further steps into converting their business into a brand. One of the significant changes we did was around their content. From social media to websites, we performed a complete makeover that fetched the right amount of audience interest. Appealing content helped them meet their targets and achieve month-on-month growth. We integrated proper CTA in the website which proved beneficial for Google Ads conversion.


We had to start from scratch, Our first intention was to understand their audience persona and revise their content copies accordingly. We worked thoroughly to upgrade their brand value to build a trusted and credible brand solution. We also allocated a team of social professionals to derive new social media strategies that worked wonders, along with, captivating email templates.


One of the first things we did was study their audience. We took a deep understanding of where their audiences are based, their preferences, and requirements, this enabled us to formulate digital copies that meet their consumer needs.

Well-Crafted Strategies

Understanding their audience, we developed new strategies for emails and social media. This helps us in creating the best design and content copies that worked in their favor.

Optimized PPC Campaigns

We understand how Google Ads work. We integrated our know-how with expert banner designs, creative content, and right keyword inclusion to yield the desired results.


With our effective and convenient marketing, we supported RAGrowth in a complete revamp process. Our solutions enabled a 65% organic growth through social channels. Further, our targeted keyword and PPC campaigns brought in significant growth of 60% to their business reach.

We have been working as a team ensuring a 4% to 6.5% growth on a monthly basis. We conduct a thorough analytics study every month to further improve our strategies and provide outstanding solutions.


This is why we do what we do!

We wanted businesses to trust us and that is what exactly BrandResQ has done for us. Their expert content marketing skilled workforce has supported us in engaging an audience higher than before. Their attractive Google Ads have helped us to find proper potential leads. A result-driven team, they have excellent communication command too.

- Ray

RA Growth


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