Fail-proof Solutions to 2X the Clicks on your Social Media Ads

Social media marketing is the best option when it comes to reaching a new, targeted audience quickly. Organic reach is becoming increasingly difficult, regardless of whether you like it or not. It might be impossible to go viral without help in the future. The transition from organic social strategies to real money can be quite frightening. In order to ensure more clicks, it’s vital to know all the options available to you.

More Clicks mean more Audience, More Audience means more Sales, and More Sales means more Revenue.

  • Be Visual

    Posting plain text on a social network won’t work. A visual will attract the reader’s attention. It is becoming more popular for social networking sites to be image-centric. It doesn’t take long to see how visuals quickly become the norm for engaging audiences, as evidenced by Instagram’s success. It’s best to use images that make a specific emotional connection. If you can’t take a quality picture, make sure not to use stock images that are obviously commercial.

  • Great Copywriting

    Writing great social copy requires following the three Cs: creative, concise, and conversational.
    Write powerful conversational headlines describing the above image and give the reader a taste of the actual content (research indicates that writing full conversational headlines can boost click-through rates). With compelling copy, you can draw in your audience in different ways. If you want your readers to click, make sure to explain the benefits, including surprising statistics, and ask a question that provokes thought.

  • Content that is tailored to your audience

    Do you know who your audience is before publishing anything online?
    Even if you put a lot of energy on editing videos, taking beautiful photos, or drafting clever copy; if your social content doesn’t tie into your audience’s interests, you won’t get clicks.
    Are your followers interested in how-to posts? What kinds of listicles do they are interested in? How do they engage with you regarding industry-relevant topics or seek more specific information from you?
    As you better understand your audience’s interests and internet habits, you will be able to tailor your content to meet their needs.
    Pro Tip: Only share valuable content. That’s how it works. Your brand perception can be destroyed in an instant by a single low-quality post in your feed. Make sure your content isn’t mediocre.

  • #Hashtag

    We used to call the pound symbol the almighty hashtag, but now it’s the almighty hashtag, and its use can considerably increase your social media reach. With hashtags, you automatically link to all posts that include that hashtag. In the end, it’s a kind of global conversation that anyone can join or an easy way to find information on a particular topic. Note, however, that hashtags for each of these networks vary drastically.

  • Timing Is Everything

    What’s the point of talking when no one can hear you?
    There are times and days where social network users are particularly active (or inactive) on specific social networks. If you post during peak activity on each social network, you will increase traffic to your website.

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