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$90 (Price per Week)
$250 (One Time Set up Fee)


  • Google Certified Account Manager
  • Unlimited Keyword Research
  • Targeted Keywords upto 150
  • Ad groups creation upto 10
  • Ad Extensions Setup
  • Ad Text Building
  • Negative Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Bid and Budget Management
  • Ad optimisation
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Weekly Reporting (Impressions & Clicks)
  • Professional Marketing Advise

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$140 (Price per Week)
$300 (One Time Set up Fee)


  • Google Certified Account Manager
  • Unlimited Keyword Research
  • Targeted Keywords upto 250
  • Ad groups creation upto 15
  • Ad Extensions Setup
  • Ad Text Building
  • Negeative Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Bid and Budget Management
  • Ad optimisation
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Weekly Reporting (Impressions & Clicks)
  • Professional Marketing Advise
  • Google Display Network
  • Re-marketing Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads

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Key Benefits

Increase your website traffic and get the attention your website needs to increase conversions

As a company offering

Google AdWords management in Sydney

, we help you in generating more leads and revenue. Statistics reveal that more traffic on your website increases sales. Google Ads Management service enables you to find the right customer that matters to your business. For several beneficial reasons, Google ads are the number one PPC advertising system on planet earth.

Having a fantastic website and great products won’t be enough for the sales; you need to tell people that you have something that satisfies their needs. Investing money in Google ads gives you almost instantaneous and transparent results. If you haven’t yet started with Google Ads, consider it a non-negotiable step for the growth of your business. Keep scrolling to know more

Consistently track your performance

You get a detailed report on the outcome, like data for clicks, leads generated, and which keywords bring in the most traffic and leads.

Improve your competitiveness

You almost lose the business instantly when your competitor appears in the search engine, and your product doesn’t.

Faster than SEO

Google Ads’ main advantage is that it works faster than SEO to target multiple keywords simultaneously.

Works on any Budget

You don’t need a big budget on the table to start with the Google Ads; you can get started with a small amount also, so just get started.


Want to know what the world looks like from the top?



Increased conversions with paid social

Google Ads, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation



Growth with SEO & ORM

Online Reputation Management, Google Reviews, Telemarketing, SEO



Increase in Enrolments

Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding, SEO

Google Ads


Increase in leads with Google Ads

Google Ads,
Landing pages



Increase in Revenue

Web Design, Google Ads,
Email Marketing

What Makes Brand Resq Tick?

We build a growth engine that propels continuous growth for your business

Google Certified Strategist

Sharp on your ROI

Based in Sydney

Dedicated Account Manager

Compititve Offers

Google controls 76% of the search engine market. Advertisements influence the purchase decisions of 90% of consumers

When it comes to outcomes, our Google Adwords specialists prefer speaking in your language.
Get in touch with our Google Ads Experts to take advantage of our Google advertising services that will get you on the first page of Google

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Connect with our Google Adwords Company to Optimize Google advertising and get the best strategy

Did you know that more than 88% of consumers search for products and services on Google before purchasing? Google has transcended the status of a brand. That’s because, now, when people need to answer a question, they often turn to Google as their first stop. What can you do about that neck pain you’ve been experiencing? Google it!

As such, you cannot afford not to be on Google. Your first step to getting to the top of Google for relevant searches is to invest in Google Ads Management service. In addition to boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions, Google Ads is also an efficient way to tell people about your brand. Making sure your customers find you before your competitors, we design innovative and creative strategies that comply with best practices. Google Ads is the most potent marketing mechanism at your disposal, and you need to use it exclusively if you intend to advertise online.

Our Solutions

Google Ads Agency knows the perfect procedure to optimize the campaign for growth

Being a Google Adwords Company, we will customize your ad strategy based on the results you want. And, regardless of what your advertising goal is, Google Ads can help you achieve it. As an AdWords management company, we have successfully managed Google Ads campaigns for clients in all industries, helping them turn paid campaigns into profitable machines.

In-Depth Analysis

In-Depth Analysis

Our team of Google Ads specialists starts by understanding your business, product or service, and target audience. Tell us about your goal and target location. We pull out everything needed to know and target your potential customer online.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning

After knowing all about your business, we move forward to strategize a plan that will work best for your niche. We search and make a list of keywords to use. We make this planning as per your budget.

Google Ad Creation

Google Ad Creation

As a leading Google Adwords Agency, we create a Google Ad account for your business and make appealing banner ads that showcase your company’s best features for customers to get excited. We highlight the key benefits of your product or service so that people get attracted to it.

Precise Target Set-Up

Precise Target Set-Up

We filter the audience and target only those people who are more likely to click and jump into your website. We analyze the market data and then set up your ad only for those interested in your product or services. Similarly, we choose a time and specific devices to display the ad to provide the most ROI.

Your Ad is live

Your Ad is live

People will see your ad when searching for similar products and services. Your ads will appear on Google Search engine and Maps and across all the network of partner sites.

Conversion Tracking System

Conversion Tracking System

We also update you with the status of lead conversion. We make sure you set up all the appropriate conversion tracking options to get a transparent view of our efficiency.

Let’s stand you out from the crowd

Learn about the secret ingredient your best-performing competitor is using to excel in their business

    Or call 1300 501 911 if you would prefer to do it over the phone.


    This is why we do what we do!

    We knew we wanted customers, but how to get them was unknown to us. BrandResQ helped us to design an attractive landing page with properly formulated Ad campaigns to help us achieve exceptional results. We were glad how their team works efficiently with platforms and tools making the process simpler. They are hardworking and ensure we meet our targets

    - Danny

    Terra Blinds

    Online credibility is significant. We got the idea but did not know what to do. As we were looking for some help, BrandResQ expert guidance on online reputation management helped us to save the sinking ship. We were also able to find the best ranking in Google and now have more audiences reaching out to us. We are very happy with their consistency and diligent workforce.

    - Shailesh

    Smart Dentworks

    We wanted businesses to trust us and that is what exactly BrandResQ has done for us. Their expert content marketing skilled workforce has supported us in engaging an audience higher than before. Their attractive Google Ads have helped us to find proper potential leads. A result-driven team, they have excellent communication command too.

    - Ray

    RA Growth

    We knew handling all social media pages would not be an easy task. As we were searching for a good team, we found BrandResQ. They not just helped us manage our social handles, but also derived the best region-centric PPC campaigns too. This helped us to find the right target audience, region-wise with the best-paid campaign return. The results delivered were commendable.

    - Sam

    4 Nations International

    Initially, we face many hiccups in gaining the audience's attention. Our failing campaigns got us worried. Yet, BrandResQ helped us immensely with strategic and targeted PPC campaigns. They also designed and delivered enhanced paid social campaigns that helped us with increased business performance. We have seen the growth with BrandResQ and can say they are a trustworthy SEO Agency in Sydney.

    - Maan

    Southern Academy

    Boost your business sales with the right accord of other services


    I want to rank higher on Google

    We optimize your traffic with the best competitive keywords and quality content

    Social Media

    I want to increase engagement

    Social Media Marketing best promotes both awareness and sales


    I want to sell products online

    Our highly persuasive E-commerce site with SEO strategy ensures increased growth


    Most commonly asked questions by customers for better decision-making.

    Google Ads Management service- what is it?

    Google Ads is a platform for an online advertisement that allows businesses to promote their products and services across the web, including Google Search, YouTube, and other sites. Advertisers can also select specific goals for their ads, such as generating calls or driving website traffic. An advertiser can adjust the budget and target of their ads and start or stop them at any time with a Google Ads account.

    What is the process of Google Ads?

    If someone searches for any products or services online, Google Ads displays your ad. Thanks to intelligent technology, Google Ads helps your ads reach potential customers at precisely the right time when they're ready to act. A Google Ads Agency helps you with:

    ● First, you choose your goal. For instance, you may want to increase visitors to your website or increase calls to your business.

    ● Following that, you choose the area in which your advertisement should appear. There is no limit to the size of the circle around your business; it can be as small as a few miles or as large as a whole country.

    ● In the end, you will craft your ad and choose your budget cap.

    Following approval, your ad will appear whenever a user searches for a product or service that matches yours. Your business will only be charged when users click or call your advertisement.

    How many google ads campaigns you can set up?

    Google Ads can be divided into 8 categories out of which 5 are the most frequently used types by different Google Ads Agency:

    ● Search Network campaigns appear in text form; your ads appear on results pages when customers search for similar products or services to yours.

    ● Display Network campaigns appear in image form; your customers will see them on websites and apps

    ● Video campaigns – appear in 6-15 second videos; these appear before or during YouTube videos

    ● Shopping Campaigns – Your products appear on the Google search engine when customers are looking for a product which you are selling

    ● App Campaigns – Promote your app across the google network to generate more app installs or drive-in app conversions

    The marketing team and Google Ads specialist of BrandResQ will decide the type of Google ad variant according to the needs of your business. Following that, they will create the best graphics, texts, and videos and set them up for your Google Ad Campaign.

    Does BrandResQ provide services for all campaign types of Google ads?

    Yes, we can. In fact, we have a dedicated team of Google Adwords specialists that works only for a specific ad variant. A wide range of industries is our area of expertise. After analyzing your business requirement and budget planning, we will decide whether you need all three variants or just one. We will bring out the best strategy for Google Ads to have a definite increase in sales or traffic or calls for your business. Whatever your business is, we're almost sure to be able to help you. BrandResQ is obsessed with the growth of client's businesses because that is how we show our ability in the market. We genuinely want to understand your business and want you to succeed, and that is why we have gained expertise in Google Ad Service.

    Do I need a Google Ads Management agency for my business?

    In today's age of modern advertising and marketing, Google Ads is vital for any business, and if you have the experts on your side, then your campaign will be the best. By outsourcing your Google Ads campaigns to an agency, your company can gain a competitive edge. You're promoting only to people looking for something specific, which is why Google Ads Agency is the game-changer.

    ● The agency has an overview of the client's space from a bird's eye view. These experts have an understanding of the likelihood of conversion and the CPC ranges.

    ● An agency has a dedicated team for your account who continue to provide fresh perspectives for your account.

    ● You can leverage the specialized knowledge and skills of a Google Ads Agency.

    ● A marketing agency has departments specifically to handle issues such as designing a landing page and developing a CRO plan.

    Are there any extra fees or additional costs of the service?

    Not at all! We have a very transparent payment system that applies to all our clients. As a result of our outstanding results, we get paid well. The charges will be apparent to you on everything, whether spending on Google Ads or our service charge. You can rest assured of the pricing system we have. There has never been any hidden cost associated with our services, and it will never be there in the future. We work for the client's loyalty, and we do not indulge in any activity that negates our image in the market. We strive to win your trust and provide you with the best Google Ad service in the market.


    Why should I choose you for the Google Adwords service?

    Setting up a Google Ads Campaign is not tricky, but setting up a profitable Google Ads Campaign can only be done by experts. We pride ourselves on choosing and setting the right campaign for our clients. Based on your marketing goals, branding strategy, and budget, we deliver the best Google Ads Campaign for your business. We perform deep competitor analysis and set your campaign to rank higher than your competitors. We advertise on millions of sites and apps with visual ads through display campaigns. Our display image expert will design the perfect creatives for your display campaigns. Our experience in keyword search and content planning will give you the best Return on Investment.

    What is the frequency of your updates?

    To meet your reporting needs, we have tools and mandatory structures to follow. You can always rely on our team members to assist you with the regular reports with essential details regarding your Google Ad Campaign. Even if you have any doubt regarding your expectations of the work or budget, you can just ask us, and we will be more than happy to help you.