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Capitalise on the Google display network to reach a wider audience

Google display network has a broad reach with millions of websites and users that visit them. While display ads can be found in abundance over the internet, only a handful of these have the potentiality to succeed. BrandResQ can utilise the immense potential of this network to deliver a personalised message to your target audience. When you go looking for Google Display advertising companies that are willing to go the extra mile, BrandResQ will be the first answer. Our marketing acumen helps us understand the specific requirements of our clients and deliver satisfactory results.

Higher conversion rates

Get not just traffic, but traffic that converts. With an optimised, targeted campaign, you can see a substantial increase in your sales.

Authentic connections

Get more organic traffic and qualified leads from your ad campaign that help maximise the ROI of your business.

Surpass competition

Tired of losing out your audience to others? Partner with a Google Display advertising agency to get a competitive edge over them.

Reach the Intended Audience

Display ads have increased brand awareness by 21% in campaigns that incorporated digital display ads; a recent study found that search ads influence purchase intentions.

Google Ads have an average conversion rate of 75%,and90%of customers believe that Google Ads affect their purchasing decisions

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Cut-through advertising campaigns that convert into real customers

When you choose a trusted Google Display advertising agency like BrandResQ, you get the assurance of top-notch service throughout the process.



The first step of the campaign is the business analysis which helps in drafting the campaign strategy. Goals are set up, and keyword research is conducted during the initial stage.

Campaign set-up and optimisation

Campaign set-up and optimisation

This step involves building a reporting dashboard, banner ads and conducting their placement selection. This is followed by Google feature testing and optimisation for ROI, location, budget etc.



We review the performance of the ads and offer reports. As your partner Google Display advertising agency, we also offer recommendations for the upcoming campaigns as per the account audit.

Exceptional Google Display Advertising Services benefits include

  • Measurable results
  • Affordable services to suit your budget
  • Clear and continuous reporting
  • Multi-format ads that engage the audience
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Increased ROI
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ongoing Support and maintenance
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Official Google Partner
  • Comprehensive auditing
  • KPI monitoring
  • Efficient communication throughout the campaign
  • Unique Methodology
  • Clickable Creative Design
  • Budget for all
  • Campaign Optimization

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    Most commonly asked questions by customers for better decision-making.

    What is Google Display Advertising?

    Google Display is a channel used by businesses as a means of pay-per-click advertising. The network consists of over 2 million websites and can be used for generating leads and driving conversions. Unlike traditional search efforts, the extensive Display network ensures that the users are targeted at the right stage during the buying journey. They get to see visual banner ads while surfing on various sites like YouTube and Gmail or using apps on their devices. A Google Display advertising agency can present an opportunity to take your business to the next level by helping you reach millions of people on the internet. They can also be used to remarket to the audience that has previously visited your website. The most significant advantage of the ads is that they can be personalised using images, videos, animations etc., to strike the right chord with the audience.

    Google display advertising companies can help take your business to the target audience that is more likely to make purchases. This brings you valuable traffic that converts into actual customers. These visually engaging ads can be displayed in multiple formats across a variety of platforms. It is a cost-effective way of increasing brand awareness without wasting budget on advertising campaigns that are poorly targeted.

    Why is Google Display Advertising essential for business?

    Google ads have a wide reach and can help you reach millions of people at a low cost. With a well-crafted ad campaign, you can explore the unending potential of Display advertising and capitalise on it. This is an effective promotional tool that can build brand awareness and opens the door for your company’s colossal growth.

    As one of the trusted Google display advertising companies in Australia, we make sure that your website gets targeted traffic from potential customers. This is done by displaying ads in front of the right audience and driving them straight to the business’s website.

    Since display ads are visually appealing, they are more likely to catch the eye of the user. The ads can be made as engaging as possible with the help of dynamic videos, animations etc. this can help your website get credible leads. Google ads also provide immense brand exposure and can be a valuable addition to your digital marketing strategy. You get complete control over the ads since you can track and measure the results. This provides an opportunity to improve and optimise your advertising strategy to obtain maximum output. It is essential to have a professional Google Display Advertising agency taking care of the strategy to get unfailing solutions.

    Can Google Display Advertising help in generating more revenue?

    Google Display Ads can be used as an effective medium of attracting customers to your website. It is an excellent marketing tool that can help target relevant audiences that could be interested in your business. Google Display Advertising Companies can target the audience based on their location, purchasing behaviour, website cookies etc. It also works well for remarketing, where users who have previously visited your website are shown targeted ads to encourage purchases.

    It can help your business boost its revenue by providing the following benefits:

    ● Ads that are engaging and visually appealing can catch the attention of the users. This improves customer engagement with the brand and helps businesses overpower their competitors.

    ● Visual banners can increase your brand awareness by placing ads on relevant websites.

    ● You get control over the performance of the ads. By tracking and monitoring the clicks, you can find out how well your advertising strategy is performing and what areas can be improved.

    ● It costs lesser than traditional channels of advertising and generates definitive results.

    ● You can ensure that people who have previously shown interest in your business get reminded of your business through display ads placed on websites that the users frequently visit.

    What makes BrandResQ the best Google Display Advertising Agency?

    BrandResQ is one of the few Google display advertising companies that care about the goals and objectives of clients. We help our clients by zoning in on the right audience and not just on random traffic that would yield no results. Our campaigns are well-targeted and based on clear and defined goals.

    Following qualities set us apart from other Google display advertising companies:

    ● We offer clear and reliable reports for the campaign’s performance.

    ● Our services are affordable and will fit well within your advertising budget.

    ● We also offer consultation services to improve your online presence.

    ● Our team has well-experienced digital marketing specialists.

    ● Our agency is a certified Google Partner with experience in helping clients across multiple industries.

    ● We offer personalised services that suit your needs. Every campaign is designed to suit the specific needs of the client.

    ● All of our services are data-driven. Every step we take during the process is backed by analytics and data.

    ● We take a 360º strategic approach to make sure that your landing page is optimised for driving conversions.

    What is the process of advertising using the Google display network?

    The approach that Google display advertising companies undertake involves taking care of a wide range of factors that affect a site’s performance.

    1.Research and strategising

    Before we strategise a clear path for the advertising campaign, we take time to understand your business. It helps us identify your target audience, competitors, advertising standards of the industry and your specific business goals. This is followed by consulting and drafting a suitable strategy.

    2. Designing

    In the next step, we create engaging graphics and designs to deliver your personalised message to the audience. We design captivating ads that can grasp the attention of the users and motivate them to take the required action.

    3. Campaign set up

    After gaining a thorough understanding of your brand’s vision and completing the creative design process, we move on to the account and campaign set-up. We ensure that every aspect of the campaign is functioning efficiently.

    4. Optimisation and reporting

    We offer complete transparency in the reporting process. This will help you ensure that you are getting the best out of your advertising efforts. In addition, we continuously monitor the performance of the ads and make the required changes in our strategy as per the insights gathered.

    How much time will the campaign take?

    When you partner with us, you can expect your Google Display Advertising campaign to be concluded in the shortest amount of time possible. However, the total time taken for setting up the campaign will depend on how well-established your website is and what business goals you have. The total time taken in the campaign set-up will also depend on whether it’s your first PPC campaign.

    Ads on Google either can work immediately or take some time to generate consistent outcomes. The ads can be activated within hours, and you can expect to see results soon. These results will depend on how well optimised your website is, the quality of your landing pages and a clear CTA encouraging users to make the purchase. Reliable Google display advertising companies ensure that the website is optimised to drive conversions from when users click on the ads. This is why you need to partner with an experienced company like BrandResQ to see real growth in your brand’s ROI through Display ads.

    What is the estimated cost of Google Display Ad campaigns?

    The Display Network is so popular due to its extensive reach and low cost. While there is no fixed amount for the total cost of the campaign, it is much more cost-effective than traditional means of advertising. Google Display Ads work on a cost per click basis where each click usually costs around $1. The decision on how much advertising budget you can allocate to the Display Network will depend on the type of ROI you expect for your business. You can talk to our experts to learn more about how to determine the amount that you should spend and the returns you can expect on this investment.

    The total cost will depend on your advertising budget and business goals. The higher is the budget of your advertising campaign, the more you will have to spend on the ad management service. Hiring a Google display advertising agency should be seen as an investment. An experienced agency that is capable of driving growth for your business would be worth every cent you spend on the ad management service. When you partner with a committed company like BrandResQ, you can be assured of getting a positive result on the money that you spend on advertising.


    What services are provided by you as a Google Display Advertising agency?

    The service package offered by leading Google display advertising companies involves multiple outlets that can help expand the reach of your business in the digital sphere. These services aim at taking your business to an audience that would be interested in making a purchase.

    BrandResQ offers multiple services that can help optimise and target your display ads accurately. Some of the utilities that are included in our Google Display advertising services include:

    ● Google Adwords

    ● Display Ads

    ● Listings on Google Shopping

    ● Dynamic remarketing to past visitors

    ● Conversion Tracking

    ● Creative Designing of ads with captivating graphics

    ● Recommendations

    ● Relevant Audience List that would be interested in your business

    ● Tracking and optimisation of website’s click-through rate

    ● Campaign reporting to keep track of the performance of the ads

    ● Optimising Landing Pages to maximise conversions

    ● Relevant placement of ads on a network of websites

    These services are provided after a deep and thorough analysis of the industry, competitors and target audience. A Google Display Advertising agency like BranResQ offers these services at highly competitive prices. This can help you make judicious use of your marketing budget and get consistent results in the form of boosted sales.