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Defeat your competition with a smarter & robust Google Remarketing Ads

Do you browse online, take some time to think about whether to buy something or not, then spend the rest of the day seeing ads for the exact item you were searching for? You may think it’s strange or a coincidence, but it’s really not as it’s Google Remarketing. With remarketing ads, you acquire considerably more clicks, conversions rate, and sales than other display ads. So, to avail benefits of remarketing ads, BrandResQ should be your top choice for Google Remarketing Service Company. Our marketing expertise helps craft more personalised and relevant ads to captivate your target audience and convert them into customers.

Increased Conversion Rate

Offer a seamless user experience that motivates them to convert. With customised remarketing campaigns, you increase the chances of converting warm leads into a closed deal.


By targeting an audience that has already expressed interest in what you offer, you spend way less than you’d if you were starting from scratch.

Hyper-focus Your Ads

With our Google Remarketing Agency, you directly target those who have taken multiple actions to show interest in your product or service.

Reach Highly Targeted Audience

In a network of websites with your ad, relevant ads will be shown to users browsing other websites, and if users search on search engines related to your products or services, relevant ads will appear.

Google Ads have an average conversion rate on mobile covering all industries is 3.48% customers on the search network and 0.72% on the display network

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Seize the attention of your target audience with well-tailored marketing ads

Once you trust a Google Remarketing Agency like BrandResQ, you stay assured and relaxed to avail the best-in-class service and support throughout the process.

Discover & analysis

Discover & analysis

To understand your business and customers, we grasp every information regarding your products/services, industry trends, competitors, and audience. We track your website analytics to know how users are browsing your website.

Remarketing Strategy & Ad Formats

Remarketing Strategy & Ad Formats

We employ our insights, experience and expertise to develop strategies for grabbing the attention of your target audience. Our analysts recognise the suitable ad formats as per your product and Google’s best practices.

Ad Creation

Ad Creation

As your chosen Google Remarketing Service Company, we offer professionally crafted ads mixed with innovative and data-driven marketing strategies to compel your users to take action.

Monitor, Test, Enhance

Monitor, Test, Enhance

Optimisation helps attain impressive ROI and drive conversions online. That’s we continuously monitor your campaign performance and test new ad formats. Regardless of the results, we report you with 100% transparency.

Exceptional Google Remarketing and Retargeting Service benefits include

  • Broader reach
  • Customised campaigns and ads
  • Track ad performance and improve customisation with Google Analytics
  • User-friendly ad building tools
  • Scalable results
  • Performance Analysis
  • Increases ROI
  • Free brand recognition
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Extensive support and maintenance
  • Full campaign management
  • Testing and Optimization
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Focused Advertising
  • In-depth Reporting

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    Most commonly asked questions by customers for better decision-making.

    What is Google Remarketing?

    Also widely known as retargeting, Google remarketing is an advanced technology that allows your Google Ads to follow prospective customers as they move across the internet. When a user visits, a small snippet of code, a.k.a remarketing code on your website, adds them to a remarketing list. Later, when they visit another website that employs the Google Ad network, they see your ad. Moreover, Google lets you customize who views your remarketed ads. A Google Remarketing Agency can offer you a chance to grab the attention of users who showed interest in your product or service through remarketing campaigns.

    In simple words, remarketing is ads or follow-up emails users receive from a business after they check out their site but don’t buy anything. It allows you to reach out to these past visitors, provide them with a perfect incentive and potentially convert them into customers. Did you know about 96% of users who visit your site for the first time leave without purchasing anything? It’s because they need to feel like they know you first. Thus, Google marketing ads help bring them back, enhance your business reach, increase ROI, and boost conversion rates.

    Why is Google Remarketing essential for your business?

    Google Remarketing is an excellent way to show your ads to prospective customers who may be interested in what you have to offer. You can use remarketing to reach people who have displayed interest in your brand, such as those who have visited your website. A typical website visitor converts only 2 percent of the time they visit your site. It’s a budget-friendly and effective option that gives you an opportunity to re-engage with potential customers by letting you target specific audiences who had visited before and displayed interest in your business. The remarketing method allows you to display ads to visitors who browsed your website or app, but never purchased or inquired. Thus, increasing its effectiveness by saving you promotional expenses and maximising your return on investment or conversion rate.

    Being a reliable Google retargeting marketing agency, we strive to produce impressive leads from well-tailored remarketing campaigns and ads incorporated with top-quality images or GIFs with a correct call to action approach.

    Apart from this, remarketing also allows you to grab the attention of the visitors to your website who didn’t make a purchase. This kind of marketing also helps you increase your brand awareness and allows you to become an authority on your products or services. If you do your remarketing efficiently, you will have a cost-efficient way to boost your marketing efforts and increase sales.

    That’s why you must consult a professional Google Retargeting Agency catering to your marketing requirements who offer measurable results to decide whether your campaign has fit your industry expectations.

    How does remarketing work?

    Before finding the best Google Remarketing Service Company, you must know how remarketing actually works.

    1. Firstly, you have to install a tracking pixel on your website.

    2. After you install that pixel on certain site pages, it will gather audience information via cookies. It means that the pixel will help track users who visited your site so that your remarketing ads will target the right audience. When you work with a reliable Google Retargeting Agency, they will know how to do this for you.

    3. Next up, your target audience gathered through pixel will check your ads in Google or wherever you pick to remarket. These customised ads could feature a unique offer to grab the attention of your users, or just have a massive image of the product.

    Thus, your chosen Google Retargeting Agency can help you determine what strategies are suitable for your industry and particular business.

    Can Google Remarketing Ads help in creating more revenue?

    Some visitors on your website didn’t convert, don’t worry; the right remarketing ads can help you win out in the long run. Remarketing ads are a perfect way for you to grab potential customers for your website. These campaigns enable your business to display online ads to users who have visited your website or mobile app previously. A Google retargeting marketing agency can help create personalised campaigns and ads that encourage your past visitors to become your esteemed customers. These primary benefits make remarketed ads a worthwhile investment for your business:

    ● Ads help reach highly targeted audiences and engage with them effectively.

    ● It offers better conversion rates that further lead to quicker ROI and a lower cost per sale.

    ● You can target specific audiences based on their interests and demographics.

    ● It is affordable online advertising that includes cost per action.

    ● You earn complete control of the budget and solid reporting tools to help you make informed spending decisions.

    These ads are intended for users to revisit your site and engage with you. As they have already visited your website at least once, they are more likely to be interested in your ad. So, yes, remarketing ads to help in creating more revenue.

    What makes BrandResQ the best Google Remarketing Agency?

    BrandResQ is a trustworthy Google Retargeting Agency that strives to deliver complete customer satisfaction with quality solutions. We ensure to help our clients by aiming at the right audience to attain profitable results with your Google Ads campaigns. Our well-tailored campaigns are based on your business goals and industry trends.

    Here are a few things that make us different from any other Google retargeting marketing agency:

    ● Our existing clients are attaining better revenue growth as we deliver on our claims and promises.

    ● We offer you the assets and innovations we’ve customised for your business.

    ● Our team of professionals have experience, skills, knowledge and are updated with the latest trends.

    ● We deliver clear, transparent and dependable reports on your ads performance.

    ● All our services are cost-effective and perfect for all types of budgets.

    ● We have a proven and consistent track record to validate our expertise.

    ● Our Google Remarketing Service Company is a certified Google Partner as we cater to the requirements of diverse clients.

    ● We follow a clear approach and straightforward methodology to optimise for conversions and revenue.

    What can a Google Retargeting Agency do for you?

    If you’re doing research on finding the best remarketing agency and want to know what they can do for you, here are a few things you should know:

    When you consult with a remarketing agency, their expert team understands all the particularities of marketing. They know all the right ways to analyse data and create assumptions based on that data to develop the best remarketing campaign possible.

    When it comes to editing pixel code on your site, it can all seem a bit challenging, but that’s where an experienced Google Remarketing Service Company comes in. They can help you add the right pixel code to the right pages for your remarketing ads to be displayed to the right users and at the right time.

    If your ad content isn’t spellbinding, users won’t convert even if they’re interested in your products or services. You need robust, persuasive and solid ad copy to ensure that users take the bait and get captured by your ad.

    When you work with a Google Remarketing Agency, they know the right language to utilise to ensure users click your advertisement. They can help you create ads that explain your products or services in a way that offers users no other choice but to click.

    Why do you need to get campaigns managed & optimised every month?

    Campaigns should be managed and optimised regularly to ensure they run better over time and allow you to expand on them. It includes:

    ● crafting new ad groups and keywords

    ● pausing ads or keywords that aren’t working

    ● offering suggestions related to new campaigns

    ● checking if the budget is enough

    ● suggesting where to increase it

    ● ensuring ads aren't displayed for irrelevant keywords and much more

    A trusted Google retargeting marketing agency like BranResQ can handle all of this on your behalf. Apart from this, they optimise your campaign, which helps enhance and expand your business reach.

    How Much Does Google Remarketing Cost?

    As a part of your entire marketing strategy, the costs of your Google remarketing campaigns will depend on how they fit with the campaigns you run. However, remarketing ads from Google are some of the most cost-efficient advertising campaigns available to online advertisers. Our strategies include Google Remarketing, conversion filtering, frequency capping, and contextual targeting to reduce costs. Creating highly targeted remarketing campaigns will increase your ad relevance and ensure you present most of your ads to the most likely clickers.