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Effectively engage consumers using professional Google Shopping ads management service

The Google marketplace allows users to have an exciting shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. With the help of well-crafted ad campaigns, you can advertise your products on the vast Google network to reach ready-to-buy customers.

It is important to target consumers at the right time in the buyer’s journey. As a well-trusted Google Shopping Ad agency, we help businesses reach prospective customers using targeted ad campaigns. Product Listing Ads that appear on top of the organic search can attract users toward your business and improve the bottom line significantly.

Tangible increase in ROI

With an effective Shopping campaign, you will witness a significant improvement in your store’s conversion rate.

Easy shopping experience

With fewer steps required to make the purchase, the entire experience is enhanced for the users.


Shopping Ads are a cost-effective method of promoting a brand’s identity.

Mobile-friendly display

Google Shopping ads have a great UI that is highly compatible with a mobile phone used by 80% of the population to look for their desired product or service.

Google Product Listing Ads drive over 76% of the online retail spending and generate 12% more revenue than search ads

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How Google Shopping Ad agency experts can set up your ad campaigns

Our Google Shopping ads management service has a collaborative approach and is based on proven strategies. We undertake a data-driven approach that values customer insights to drive performance for the business.

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

The first step involves a thorough requirement analysis that lays the foundation for the campaign.

Set-up & Management

Set-up & Management

As your partner Google Shopping Ad agency, we take care of the Product Feed, Ads Campaign Structure and Bidding to set up your Shopping campaign.



We monitor the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns and make any changes required to boost the visibility of these ads.

Exceptional Google Shopping Ads Service benefits include

  • Google Merchant Set-up
  • Improved ROI
  • Experienced team
  • Data-backed services
  • Stunning campaigns that drive results
  • Bidding Control
  • Cost-effective than other forms of advertising
  • Transparent reporting
  • Targeted services that boost sales
  • Expertise in working with multiple eCommerce platforms
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Specialized Focus
  • Shopping Campaign Management
  • Monthly Reports
  • Daily Glance

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    Most commonly asked questions by customers for better decision-making.

    What is Google Shopping?

    One of the best online advertising opportunities is Google Shopping. It can help businesses offer a real-life shopping experience to their customers through online stores. Google Shopping has a better conversion rate than text ads due to its wider reach and interactive design. It helps users view the product image, along with other essential details like reviews and price. This can help them compare various products and make the best purchase.

    The ads are also known as Product Listing Ads and are displayed on the top of the results page when users search for the relevant keywords. Shopping campaigns offer a convenient experience for the buyers by enabling them to purchase products in one click. Advertisers across the globe prefer this method of advertising due to its low cost and high click-through rate.

    To utilise the endless potential of this advertising channel, eCommerce businesses need the help of a Google Shopping Management Agency. Such an agency can craft a campaign by optimising the Google Merchant Centre and the product feed of the business. These are then synchronised with the website to improve the buying experience. The ads have to be managed strategically to get maximum performance.

    What makes Google Shopping advantageous for businesses?

    Businesses looking to get more visibility online can use creative product listing ads to reach the right audience. Since the users are just one click away from making the purchase, this advertising method is highly effective. Google Shopping offers a better conversion rate as compared to conventional text ads. With the help of a Google Shopping Management Agency, businesses can take their profit-driving products to a broader consumer base. This can lead to an increased bottom line for the seller. The low cost per click also helps retailers that are tight on advertising budget take their product inventory to the audience.

    Along with an image of the product and its price, the website’s name is displayed above the search results. This helps buyers make an informed decision about the product. With an appropriately targeted campaign, a business can reach a wider audience that is willing to make the purchase. This leads to improved ROI for the company. To get profit out of your advertising campaign, make sure that you partner with a trusted Google Shopping Ad agency. Such an agency can provide you with a customised ad campaign that helps maximise your sales.

    How can Google shopping help businesses in generating more revenue?

    Google Shopping accounts for a significant share of the clicks on Google Ads. Businesses can use this to their advantage to generate more revenue. It can help sellers acquire more customers. Through interactive ads, users can view the products that they are looking for and get the choice to make the purchase immediately. This improves the buyer’s journey and consequently yields a better conversion rate for the retailer.

    You will spend less as compared to AdWords and reach a broader audience. You can also promote offers to get customers on your online store. This can help you outpace your competitors and occupy a greater share of the market. With the expertise of a Google Shopping Management Agency, you can attract targeted customers to your website and motivate them to make the purchase.

    The visually appealing ads increase the conversion rate and help eCommerce businesses widen their reach. In addition, the detailed reporting service of our Google Shopping Ad agency can help companies keep track of how well their products are doing. Consequently, we can optimise their campaigns by including whatever changes are required.

    What makes Brand ResQ the best choice for Google Shopping?

    BrandResQ helps clients get more exposure online using industry-leading strategies. We have a team of experienced marketers adept in the latest trends and technologies required to market online. As a certified Google Shopping Ad agency, we offer customised strategies tailored to the specific needs of your business. The reasons why you should go with our services are:

    ● We focus on building your brand image through our targeted marketing efforts. This comprehensive approach helps us garner the trust of clients.

    ● As a trusted Google Shopping Management Agency, our services are transparent and accountable. Moreover, we offer fixed pricing to help you use your advertising budget judiciously.

    ● We can help your products reach the spotlight by striking the perfect balance between innovation and information. We believe that enhanced user experience is critical for the success of any eCommerce business.

    ● We use Call to actions that can drive conversions and increase your ROI.

    ● We define the key demographics of your target audience and help you position your products in front of a relevant consumer base. This removes all dead-end clicks on your ads and helps you get leads that easily convert into profiting sales.

    ● We continuously track and report the performance of the Ad campaigns and make the alterations required to boost visibility.

    What is the process of setting up a Google Shopping campaign?

    We have a unique approach towards setting up Product Listing Ads for clients. As the provider of Google Shopping ads management service, we take time to understand your requirements, products, charging model and values. This helps us optimise your product feed in the best possible way. This helps us rise above focusing on one-time sales and focus on a broader scope.

    Some of the steps that we undertake while setting up a Shopping campaign include:

    ● We research the products, competitors, market requirements etc., to define your goals and design your strategy accordingly.

    ● We assemble and optimise your business information in the initial steps. This is followed by the setting up of the product feed.

    ● The next step of our Google Shopping ads management service involves the configuration of the Google Merchant Account to boost sales. This is an important step that verifies that your store domain is owned by you.

    ● Upon receiving approval from Google, the ad campaign is set up.

    ● After optimising and integrating the product feed, based on the audience demographic, we monitor and report the performance of the ad campaigns.

    How long does the set-up take?

    The timeline for different Google Shopping Ads campaigns varies and is dependent on a variety of factors. Your project requirements will determine how long it takes to define a marketing strategy. Advertising using Google Shopping ads management service is an ongoing process. Even after the set-up of the Merchant centre and product feed, you will require ongoing support and reporting services. This can help you keep track of the performance of the ad campaign.

    Shopping Ad set-up takes longer initially but gets quicker with the passage of time and the addition of more products in the listing. The approval for the first time you add a product feed on Google Merchant Centre will take around three to five days. With an existing account having products previously approved, the addition of new products in the listing takes less than an hour.

    Make sure that you combine the ad campaign with brand-building efforts to get the best results. Partner with a Google Shopping Ad agency like BrandResQ to get consistent results from your online advertising efforts. Get quick results from your Shopping Ad campaigns by choosing our reliable services.

    How much will Google Shopping cost me?

    The flexibility of our Google Shopping Ad agency allows businesses to spend as much or as little of their advertising budget. You can allocate your budget based on how much visibility you wish to get online. You will be paying for every click that you get on the ads. Google Shopping has a comparatively lower cost per click as compared to other methods of paid advertising. This is significantly lower than the CPC for Google Ads. This can help companies with a low marketing budget make the most out of their paid advertising efforts.

    The total cost of the ad campaign set-up and management will depend on the exact requirements of your project. You can have as many tweaks in the ad campaign as your budget allows. The more elaborately crafted your ad campaign is, the better will be its performance. BrandResQ is a Google Shopping Management Agency offering cost-effective services that can help you grow your revenue. Get in touch to find out a ballpark estimate of how much the project will cost you.


    What services are included in the service package?

    At BrandResQ, you are offered a broad spectrum of services that take care of every aspect of your ad campaigns. These services can help you stay ahead of the competition and make more sales. When you choose our complete range of services, you get:

    ● Google Merchant Centre Set up

    Setting up of Google Merchant Centre is an integral part of our Google Shopping ads management service. We link your Merchant Centre with Adwords to make the most out of your PPC marketing.

    ● Product Feed

    The Product Feed of the organisation has to be optimised based on the purchasing behaviour of the target audience. We offer this service by checking the audience demographic and their buying intent.

    ● Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Converting visitors into paying customers is our strong suit. We incorporate the latest trends and technologies to maximise the conversion rate for our clients.

    ● Competitor Research

    We also carry out competitor analysis to stay ahead of the curve. Through valuable insights generated from extensive research, we craft a well-performing ad campaign for businesses.

    ● Reporting and planning

    Our Google Shopping ads management service involves keeping track of the products that are doing well with the audience. Using this information, we modify the ad, copy, landing page etc., accordingly.