Key Benefits

Constant reach and engagement with our Telemarketing services

Telemarketing services can help your organization expand their business reach. This contact solution allows you to contact and connect with your clientele at a distance and away from your business location. Word of mouth publicity will help us reach out to the new customers as well as the existing customers.

Through our consistent follow up of your customers and enlightening them about the newest range of services and products, we keep your customers interested for a long period. Other advantages include

More interactive sales services

Our engaging services create a smooth rapport with your customers.

Confirmed Leads

Direct interaction with clients helps you generate more confirmed leads.

Increased customer retention

We focus on convenience of your customers that lead to a higher client retention

Instant feedback on products and services

The instant feedback received through calls provide a scope of improvement.

70% of business-to-business sales comes from human interaction which 56% of which started with telemarketing. Also, 80% of “bad leads” provided to in house sales team buy a similar product from a competitor within 12 months

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Our Solutions

Increased scalability through our Telemarketing Company

BrandResQ exudes proficient services which helps in addressing the day-to day issues of your customers increasing your customer’s loyalty. Our services are seamless and flexible and aimed at being improvised at the discretion of our clients. The steps adopted by us are:

Set Your Goals

List preparation

Before embarking on the telemarketing campaign, we scrutinize the market in depth to evaluate your target audience. Downsizing on your prospects and choosing an appropriate vendor source for your market is the core method of making our marketing gig work.

Determine your Target Audience


The implementation and operation of an automated calling system is essential for us. A contact management system helps your team in tracking record of the leads, follow-up appointments and send-out letters.

Conduct a Competitive Analysis


Keeping an administrator in our team will help in facilitating conversations between telemarketers and sales agent. He would then be responsible for maintaining the data base of leads, managing reports.

Exceptional Telemarketing Service benefits include

  • Creates effective database
  • Is more interactive with clients
  • Build strong and good client rapport
  • Helps you connect with decision makers
  • Can lead to personalised meeting
  • Helps you keep a track of your results
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Boosts your sales
  • Explain technical issues clearly
  • Generate leads and appointments
  • Result-oriented
  • Cost-effective
  • Streamlined process
  • Expansion Opportunities
  • Instant feedback
  • Improved training
  • Time efficient

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    I want to rank higher on Google

    We optimize your traffic with the best competitive keywords and quality content

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    I want to generate more leads

    Increase visibility and let your audience find you through our targeted PPC campaigns


    I want to sell products online

    Our highly persuasive E-commerce site with SEO strategy ensures increased growth


    Most commonly asked questions by customers for better decision-making.

    What are telemarketing services?

    Telemarketing involves the direct marketing of the chain of goods and services offered by us to your clients. Telemarketing will be carried out either by our team of telemarketers or via automated calling. These calls are also referred as the “Robocalls”. The idea behind telemarketing is to enhance the user-experience through a personalized touch. Telemarketing involves a single service call to gauge the interest and suitability of your customer. Followed by a few calls to persuade your clients in a subtle and unimposing manner. Our Telemarketing services would usually involve downsizing a vast list of your clientele to a few fruitful prospects, that can be approached. Our telemarketing company will not only create a robust medium of communication with your clients. But also incorporate such persuasive techniques that are appealing and carried out flawlessly. This can create an impressive imprint on your customers for a longer period.

    We at BrandResQ provide telemarketing services that will serve your organization’s easy marketing tools. Our seamless marketing skillset will play a major role in building a close-knit contact with your customers. Building a strong client relationship with enhance your customer loyalty, trust, and credibility towards your brand. BrandResQ exhibits a positive and enterprising approach which will help your organization, retain your customers and increase traffic.

    Why are telemarketing services important?

    As a top telemarketing company, we at BrandResQ, will provide you with indispensable telemarketing services. Telemarketing like any other marketing services is aimed at driving greater sales revenue through enhanced promotion. Telemarketing services is a transparent tool to involve your target audience on a convincing call. These calls are initiated to sell your services and range of products through our cogent calls. Our telemarketing services will play an integral part in your business’s growth. The prime reason for Personal calls having an edge over the other social media marketing tools is the instant response our telemarketers will receive from your customers. While a potential customer might give tardy responses online but telemarketing provides with prompt and speedy feedbacks. Our telemarketers will be engaged in increasing your brand’s awareness. Projection of your brand’s quality and efficacy through its comprehensive marketing gimmick.

    A sound impression of your brand will entice your customers to make purchases and avail your services. Chances of word-of-mouth publicity by your clients will increase manifold after the using your quality-enhanced products and services. Through this widespread publicity your brand’s dependability and credibility will witness a surge. BrandResQ will help your company establish a positive brand image in the market. Also, help in meeting your sales target.

    Why should you choose us?

    We at BrandResQ will provide you with scalable telemarketing service solutions which can help your company build better and closer client relationships. As the telemarketing company, we will try to meet your special requirements at the fullest, through our constant efforts. We will craft strategies proven to be effective in making your clientele retain for longer time span. We will also help your potential customers turn into regular ones. Through our qualified outbound telemarketing services, we will help you boost your revenue generation and sales levels. Through our telemarketer’s expertise and endeavour, we will help your organization generate leads. Our telemarketing company never compromises on quality. With our supreme quality services and our grievance cell, you will experience not only higher traction levels but will also help your business thrive. We at BrandResQ will provide you with high standard services at a workable costing. Wherein our telemarketers will not only cater to your customer’s needs but also deal with their issues, through our effective modus operandi. This will establish better client relation and improve the existing ones. Customers will develop a fondness and inclination for your brand through our issue handling timely services. Increased brand loyalty will stimulate your profits as well.

    How can telemarketing services generate leads for you?

    We at BrandResQ with our telemarketing services will help your company generate leads through our proactive approach and flexible techniques. Aimed at breaking the rigidity of a fixed way in approaching your clientele. As a telemarketing company we will broaden our bandwidth of services to not just outbound services but also extended in rendering inbound services too. These services facilitate the process of reaching out to the target audience. Our techniques are aimed at generating higher leads for your organization. Our lead generation process involves preparing a database which will inscribe the target audience that will be reached out.

    The telemarketers through their outbound services will extract the grievances of your customers, followed by addressing the respective issues using your products and services. Telemarketers are focussed on getting a spontaneous feedback from the person concerned in the decision-making process. This helps in easily qualifying leads. Inbound lead generation on the other hand is the method of your potential buyer reaching out to you. Our outbound lead generation tool will be directed towards initiating an intelligent and professional conversation. Which leaves a natural and genuine impression on your customers. This appropriate mix of outbound and inbound services will generate leads for your company.

    What is the process of telemarketing?

    The process of telemarketing is a broad process involving many steps beginning with outlining the scope and objective of the project. Our carefully orchestrated outbound telephone calls will be extremely effective in business research. Also, a list of the services including list-cleaning, lead-qualifying and resurrecting dead leads and re-activating fewer interactive customers. This process will assist us in setting benchmarks for you, measuring your success and forecast future results. The target audience will be identified in the next step, wherein a well informative message will be crafted to reach out to your target audience. Identification of the decision maker will be the next stage, based on which the length of the call as well as the content to be delivered is decided.

    The telemarketing agent will be determined to pitch an irresistible offer to your clients, a call-to-action or a delivering a message that will stimulate an ideal response from your customers. Soon after conveying the message by the agent, including the chain of benefits offered by your product and clarifying your customer’s doubts. The response from your customers will be analysed and evaluated. Any amendments if necessary, will be induced in the pitch to an appealing offer for your clients. Lastly, the response from the telemarketing campaign will be measured

    How much does telemarketing service cost?

    Our telemarketing services are affordable and customised as per our clients. Although the costing of our telemarketing services depends on a series of factors ranging from location, labour market rate, call volumes, length of contract. Being a part of long-term contract usually comes with discounted rates and lucrative concessions. This facilitates the promotion of long-term association with our clients. Sometimes, prices are levied based on calls per hour basis. Hourly pay can result in counting every interaction entered into. Moreover, leads that are BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale) qualified are prone to deriving valuable outcomes because of high-quality. The prevailing labour rate based on the supply and demand of the labour in a particular location. Our telemarketing company indulges in effective tools that will generate more leads for your business and boost your sale volumes also.

    Our team of professional and well-trained telemarketers will provide you will hassle free and productivity driven services. Your expenditure on our telemarketing services will provide you with increased ROI through our flexible services. As an excellent telemarketing company we try to meet the designated client calls scheduled in a day and draft very economical packages for our clients which are feasible and cost-effective.


    How is BrandResQ different from other companies?

    We at BrandResQ will exude cost-effective and efficacious services to you. These services will help your brand cater to your marketing and brand’s promotional needs. Our clients’ guidelines are strictly followed by us. We simplify our services for you to eliminate any complexities in understanding our working style. We craft a transparent rapport with your clients. Leading to a greater obedience and responsibility towards our clients. This will aid your business in accelerating your customer loyalty through our friendly and helpful telemarketing services. With enhanced customer loyalty, your company will experience a boost in your sales volumes and hiked revenue levels. This will result in your brand’s long-term survival in the market. Our automated calling feature also exhibits efficiency in reaching out to the customers better.

    Our telemarketing company builds packages for our clients which are economical, feasible and does not lead to a financial crunch for them. BrandResQ not only believes in the theory of change is the only constant but also implements it through our practices. Our team develops strategies which are flexible to match up to the dynamism and demands of the ongoing market. Keeping our services customizable will help attract your clients better and establish your brand image for a prolonged period.

    What will the telemarketing service package include?

    We at BrandResQ provide one-stop telemarketing services. Our services include an in-depth analysis of our market. Through our market research programs. A deep-rooted analysis involving a study of your target audience, their preferences and needs. This understanding helps formulate our methodology in approaching these clients. Comprehensive audits are conducted by us to understand our client’s business growth and assess our client’s past performance. Based on which our strategies are formulated which will be best suited for meeting your business needs and goals. These reports involve a plethora of improvisions and refinements that can be embodied by us in helping you flourish and excel. Our detailed reports also include the business goals we set for ourselves as well as our clients to be attained within a stipulated time.

    There a line of other services, which are offered by us to our clients which cater to B2B and B2C telemarketing services. These strong offshore telemarketing services by us can help your business build stronger networks and make better use of the existing resources. Opting for our impactful telemarketing tools can help your business improve relations through personalized contact. Our business to consumer services includes the sale of products and services to the end-user. Our company also delivers outbound and inbound telemarketing services.