Top 7 ways to optimise Facebook

Social media is one of the main ingredients of any marketing strategy, and Facebook is listed among the most popular social media platforms. The platform has more than 2.38 billion monthly active users, leading to an excellent medium to promote your brand. Apart from this, brands can post content to promote services or products, maximizing their reach, generating top-quality traffic to their website, and boosting conversion rates.

Thus, check out the seven ways to optimize your Facebook:

  • Select the Right Goals & Objectives

    When you approach facebook advertising agency Sydney to make a new Facebook ad campaign, the foremost thing you’ll be asked to decide your goals. It allows Facebook to align its algorithms to offer the desired results and auto-optimize your campaign accordingly. Most importantly, the menu of objectives includes options that come within three broad categories: consideration, awareness, and Conversation.

  • Identify & Expand your Target Audience

    You must identify the right profitable target audience, which contains the correct gender and age group. You must understand not all age groups and genders respond similarly. Hence, to avoid wasting your money and time on the wrong unprofitable categories, invest enough to target the right audience(s). It will help lead to more sales, so you need to analyze age group, preference, and gender performance.

  • Leverage Influencers to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

    Another excellent way to optimize your Facebook ad is to repurpose your influencer-created content. The content generated by influencers is generally more authentic, relevant, and relatable than a business’ content. It also tends to be promotional or salesy as such content will lead you to earn attention from potential customers and content with them effortlessly.

  • Automatically Rotate your Ads

    With most social media users experiencing ad fatigue and banner blindness, getting your ads noticed can be slightly tricky. The best solution is to create multiple ad variations within an ad group and initiate them so that Facebook rotates them automatically. It surprisingly boosts the effectiveness of your ads as your ads are now competing against each other. Thus, the ads that attain the most clients are posted.

  • Choose the Right Bidding Option

    Facebook sets off auctions and chooses the best ads based on bids and performance. It means that you need to pick the most suitable bidding option for your business/brand. In past years, the bidding model of Facebook has changed and became slightly more complicated. So, you must decide what sort of results you aim to optimize your Facebook ads for.

  • Use Facebook Pixels & Enter New Markets

    The Facebook Pixel, code that you enter on your website to track conversions from Facebook ads, allows various brands to make a lookalike audience for their products/services to find new audiences who have the same preferences and traits as your influencer’s target audiences. Put it differently, it’s an easy-to-use and effective tool.

  • A/B Test Your Ideas

    Before optimizing your Facebook ads, you must know what works best for your business. But how? The best way to find suitable performing ads or creative messages is to run a quick Facebook A/B test. However, you don’t need to test everything, just find out which elements of your ads could offer the most impact on your audiences.All in all, when used correctly, there are several benefits of employing Facebook Ads in your marketing strategies, like generating top-quality traffic and more profit.