Videos, GIFs, and Animations – The Future of Digital Marketing

The advent of the World Wide Web has revolutionized every aspect of human lives, and the advertising sector is no exception. Digital marketing has taken precedence as one of the most sought-after forms of business promotions. But, in recent times, we can observe an oversaturation of written content and infographics within the realm of digital marketing. Modern customers and audiences are exhausted with apparent advertisements. It is within such a context that video marketing takes center stage. Video marketing uses videos, GIFs, and animations to connect with customers on a one-on-one level. It is one of the most robust marketing tools, and for all the right reasons. So, the statement that Videos, GIFs, and animations are the future of digital marketing is backed by a lot of substance.

      • Video marketing via GIFs, videos, and animations fosters a more humane and inter-personal promotion and dissemination of services and products. It is an excellent way to increase brand awareness as most people are attracted to videos and GIFs. Elements like logos, slogans, and branding colors are a great way to emphasize your brand’s uniqueness.
      • Videos, animations, and GIFs help in efficiently communicating your brand’s core message. Adding humor and informative content within videos can increase your brand’s reach, enhance its repute, and garner more sales.
      • Ninety-two percent of marketers say that videos were an integral part of their marketing strategy in 2020. So, utilizing them for promotional purposes should be an unavoidable part of your marketing stratagem. Video contents like GIFs and videos are compatible with multiple platforms, making them all the more versatile. Video content can be seamlessly fitted into any outlet, from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to brand web pages.
      • The human brain retains images 60000 times more than text. Therefore, videos, GIFs, and animations can effectively make the marketing strategy more engaging. The rate of turnover increases exponentially with the use of videos for marketing. Studies reveal an 800 percent increase in global watch time of ad-supported and purchased feature-length movies in 2020.
      • GIFS, animations, and videos are also affordable to make. They can quickly become a part of your digital marketing budget. It is noteworthy to mention that the results are far more enriching than the investment in using videos and GIFs for digital marketing

    It is estimated that a person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021. It is a 19 percent increase since 2019, when the screen timing was 84 minutes. Therefore, you must opt for videos, GIFs, and animations in your marketing plan and consult with your digital marketing agency on the type of interactive visual content that they can provide. It is crucial to not miss out on this warehouse of an opportunity as videos, GIFs, and animations are, indeed, the future of digital marketing.