Why is your landing page not generating leads?

An Optimised Landing page is one of the most crucial aspects of inbound marketing strategies. Despite your compelling offers and several pros of your business, your landing page might be causing a hindrance to lead generation rather than aiding it.

If you’re wondering why, then these 8 reasons can be your answer! Ensure that you tap into the problem well before coming up with a solution, and making the most out of your landing pages!

    • Slow-Loading Landing Page: Most people are not patient enough to wait while a page they want to read takes forever to load. So, if any work like filling the form is involved, they’ll lose their patience even more quickly. Find out the reason behind the slow-loading and make adjustments. If nothing changes despite this, you should upgrade to a better hosting company.
    • Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly: Most of your audience are mobile users. If you don’t make your websites mobile responsive, your audience will have to avail your offers using tiny buttons on the screen which might lead them to not convert and opt for a different platform. Hence, you need to make changes, if you haven’t, in this regard.
    • Not Interesting Enough: Even if your offers are hooking, your landing page is boring. The content might be long, full of errors, or there are no eye-catchy images. These might be the reason for your landing page not generating leads. Make a shift to succinct content with catchy images that will attract your potential leads and convert them.

The Offer Is Not Clear:

    1. You have to ensure that the offer you’re making on the landing page is clear and one can decipher it in five seconds. Have a headline and an image that says exactly what you’re offering. Alongside, incorporate a clear-cut call to action button.
  • Your Page Has Too Many Links: If your landing page is overcrowded with too many links and clickables, it is bound to overshadow the most important call to action button or ‘Submit’ button. Don’t include too many internal links or outgoing links and keep the landing page minimalistic. Focus on the Submit button as it is the only button that helps you convert leads by collecting information.
  • No Form Present: If you provide amazing content to your audience but do not have a form working behind it, generating leads will be impossible. It is like providing offers without getting any information in return. This would mean you cannot follow them up for lead conversion. So before you give away any content, ask your audience to sign up using a lead capture form in your landing page.
  • Asking For Too Much Information: Ensure that your lead capture form is short, simple, and does not ask for any personal information beyond the name, e-mail, phone number, and company or job profile of the visitor. If you ask for too much information, the lead may quit your page and opt out.
  • Landing Page Looks Shady: If you have several spelling or grammar errors on your landing page, or have a design that is not impactful, or have testimonials that look fake – it can make the potential leads feel they cannot trust your page. Ensure that your design stands out, and highlights offers in relation to each other. Keep the landing page error free with catchy content and make it easy to navigate to make your audience trust you.


These are the vital points that you will require to navigate in order to make your landing page a lead generating machine. Try tracing all of these reasons and you will definitely find the reason that is hindering your lead conversion, and once you tap into these – no one can stop your business from attracting quality leads!