Key Benefits

Encapsulate greater audience globally with our YouTube marketing agency

Consistent creation of comprehensive videos will pave a pathway for your new visitors as well as retention of your clients. Our YouTube video marketing company will help you reach out to a larger audience. Including closed captions on your videos can expose you to new audience with variant needs.

YouTube marketing services is a massive online video-streaming platform which helps you tapping horde of your traffic. It has a vast visitor base of up to 1 billion globally. With your compelling, entertaining and informative videos, you will be guaranteed raving followers. Our YouTube advertising agency assists you in:

Acquire qualified traffic

Our fascinating videos can secure qualified traffic and leads.

Strengthens your sales pitch

The comprehensive videos help in persuading your customers to buy your products and services.

Boosting credibility

Including testimonials in videos add social proof and make your customers feel validated.

Maximum Reach

Create virality though extraordinary video concepts for maximum audience reach.

70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube. Also, YouTube ads targeted by intent have 100% higher lift in purchase intent than those targeted by demographics

A video can speak more than you imagine. For successful business outcome, consult with our experts now
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Our Solutions

Leveraging evergreen content with our YouTube marketing agency

Our YouTube marketing agency helps you procure massive growth potential of viral marketing through engaging video creation. You can leverage your viral content to gain more views, through the following process

Creating a brand channel

YouTube exclusively hosts video content. Creating a brand account in the purview of YouTube brand guidelines.

Building a strategy

Developing an enterprising strategy to gather greater traffic, used as a promotional tool.

Creating videos

Creating attractive videos that adds value addition to your viewers and enhances your reach.

Optimizing your videos for SEO

Optimizing your video’s metadata through thumbnails, usage of adequate keywords, subtitles, annotations, closed captions.

Running a campaign

Setting up your ad campaign through In-stream and video discovery ads. Followed by adding a CTA to your ad

Understanding analytics

Determining your goals, creating videos and then going through the analytics to measure your video’s engagement and performance.

Exceptional YouTube Marketing Service benefits include

  • Increasing your visibility on Google
  • Exposing you to a huge audience
  • Acquiring qualified traffic
  • Videos have higher conversion rates
  • The ads will help you reach a bigger audience
  • Strengthening your sales pitch
  • Boosting your brand’s credibility
  • Boosting your SEO
  • Evergreen content
  • Offering great insight into campaign
  • The user base is massive
  • Engaging video development
  • Global Outreach
  • Instant feedback

Unleash your competitors’ best secrets

Understanding your competitors means understanding your scope and market strategies
better. It will only enable you to outperform and give your best to your audience

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    Boost your business sales with the right accord of other services


    I want to rank higher on Google

    We optimize your traffic with the best competitive keywords and quality content

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    I want to generate more leads

    Increase visibility and let your audience find you through our targeted PPC campaigns


    I want to sell products online

    Our highly persuasive E-commerce site with SEO strategy ensures increased growth


    Most commonly asked questions by customers for better decision-making.

    What is YouTube Marketing?

    Recognised as world's number one source of entertainment, it as a platform needs no introduction. Making video content viral, it is the second largest search engine all over the internet.

    With over a billion active users, the platform has gained attention globally and is a fitting platform for any brand to advertise. Its multi-lingual audience approach makes it more suitable for brands. As consumers spent one-third of their total time online watching videos, nearly half of the marketers utilize the platform as their best marketing platform for higher reach. The video-audio concepts with alluring content makes it highly appealing. As a platform, it offers flexibility in terms of brand personality, tone, and promotional methods. You can choose to advertise through animated or non-animated videos that are either comic or serious in genre.

    Gaining higher traction, our YouTube video marketing agency utilizes the platform optimally for brand awareness and increased sales. As videos are more captivating, we brainstorm to provide the right script with unique concepts that attract audience attention at the first go. As it is a dynamic platform for brand promotion, we emphasise on latest and edgy concepts for your brand to stand out in the crowd.

    How can it help grow my business?

    It has been the world's number one source of entertainment, with highest amount of content consumption globally. It is most enchanting platform, with video streaming every second in every corner of the world.

    Thus, in the current scenario, it is the key to effective marketing providing full advantage of the internet's shifting focus towards videos. The platform includes audiences of all genres and is thus a suitable platform for every brand. It gives your business a platform with massive viewers for you to advertise and engage.  Our YouTube video marketing company leverages all advantages that the platform offers. Along with, YouTube also drastically improves your SEO and brings your website on top pages of related search engine results page. It helps you grow your audience base both organically and inorganically. Our YouTube advertising agency utilizes unique strategy to create video as per your business needs. We create detailed or short and crisp video as required for your brand.

    As a top YouTube advertising agency, we derive competent campaigns that gives you real-time results and helps your business in increasing its engagement. Also, for better business growth, we provide you with channel analytics that helps to understand the performance. It also gives us the ability to develop more appropriate strategies for increased growth.

    Why should you choose us?

    As the best YouTube video marketing company, we ease your burden by providing excellent YouTube advertising services. Understanding the competition, we help you ease this burden with our Marketing and Advertising services.  We help you promote and expand your business through our YouTube video marketing services. We understand the importance of this medium and help you build your channel and promote it with our effective marketing strategies. We perform extensive research on various brands and figure out the best marketing strategies for your business and make it unique and helps your business to stand out.

    Our expert marketers study the analytics of your channel and work on the areas which require special attention for improved results. BrandResQ, as a trusted YouTube marketing agency provide a balanced approach by analysing all the requirements from the beginning. We start by understanding your target audience to help your business attract the right prospective customers and achieve optimum results. We further design extremely engaging advertisements which draw a lot of attention to your channel. We optimize your videos and channels for increased visibility. With our SEO experts working on optimization, your channel can also gain traffic through higher visibility in search engine results pages like Google. We enable tracking and provide timely results for monitoring performance.

    How much time it takes to get results?

    As an excellent platform to advertise, with thousands of businesses streaming on a daily basis, standing out amid the crowd can be a real challenge. Maintaining an account, creating and uploading content regularly and organically growing your business could be a time-consuming task.

    However, we understand that businesses required time-based results. As an experienced YouTube advertising agency, we utilize the latest and advanced marketing techniques. We optimize and boost your business reach that helps you save a lot of time. We research on various new methods and finalize the most effective and beneficial strategy for promotion. Our expert YouTube video marketing services are based on latest trends that help gain sooner attention than possible for your business. Additionally, our SEO experts work constantly to optimize your channel for increased results. Professionals at our YouTube marketing agency consistently aim to improve your channel performance with the real-time analytics and data insights. This helps us in implementing the most appropriate method that helps in saving a lot of time. We further design your advertisements specifically aimed for the suitable audience reaching out to right target audience in a time-effective manner.

    What is YouTube marketing process?

    YouTube has attracted huge businesses for achieving their business goals due to its wider reach. It provides both national and international audience reach. It also offers an excellent local reach. It is a great platform for marketing business and services.

    However, the marketing process can be a little intimidating for a business, who has yet to understand its way around. As the best YouTube video marketing company, we follow step-by-step guideline to enable increased outreach. The first important step for marketing is to create a channel and brand it. We have to set up an appropriate goal for your business to achieve and plan your content accordingly. Secondly, it requires regular video posting to build a brand image and also attract loyal clientele. It requires to create attractive and engaging content to gain the attraction of people and also retain. Along with, post different types of videos so that any prospective customer could get all their questions answered. Depending on the information to impart, we can create different types of videos. It can be a product video, tutorial explaining your product and services, or some animated ads offering your business knowledge. As a process, businesses can also take a massive advantage from the live feature. It helps in real-time engagement and enable doubt-solving sessions with your audience. This can be a credible building activity too for your business.

    How much does the services cost?

    BrandResQ aims to develop quality strategies with result-oriented goals. Our YouTube marketing agency offers excellent marketing techniques at reasonable packages.

    As YouTube might seem an attractive platform, video making can be sometimes a costly affair. Yet, it is considered to be a quick and effective marketing platform for the number of audiences reach it offers. Hence, we help you in developing excellent strategies and creating advertisements at a very reasonable cost. We understand the advertisement services and employ them productively while keeping your expense at the lowest. We offer comprehensive packages that provided end-to-end solutions for videos making at nominal prices. Our packages also include cost-effective strategies and promotional techniques. We also include several new implementation processes like YouTube's Cost Per View model which helps you save a lot of money by only paying when someone engages with your advertisements. Our cost-effective strategies have worked brilliantly for our clients. We ensure to provide unique selling propositions to customers that empower your brand with unique identity from the start. We value every money spend. Thus, we aim to achieve the required business targets without having our clients waste any extra money.


    Why should you hire us?

    YouTube is the world's most popular and demanding marketing platform. If you still haven’t included it as a must-have marketing channel, we at BrandResQ will help you do that. The medium is considered to not just be the best but instead a platform that can make personalities and business go viral.

    Hence, it is imperative that you advertise and engage your audience in this platform. Our YouTube video marketing company helps you increase and expand your business reach through our distinctive advertising services.  We recognize the significance of the medium and help you establish your brand with our experienced professionals and practical marketing experience.  With our extensive research team, we offer multiple strategies and custom strategies that are suitable for your brand promotion. We ensure to provide all support required for making your brand exceptional in a crowded space. Our experts drive target-based strategies with highly engaging ads that lead to attention with higher retention value. We aim to optimise your channel for increased organic reach at the right time to the right audience. As a YouTube advertising agency, we understand the importance of timely actions. Our cost-effective and audience-friendly approach has been distinctively working the best for our clients.

    What is included in our services?

    At BrandResQ, we are committed to offering best and comprehensive services that help businesses grow exponentially. Our YouTube advertising agency is determined to provide excellent services for all our clients. Thus, we as a YouTube video marketing company offer services from the start including creating a channel. Here we add all required details of your business for your audience to know.

    As we understand the complexity of videos and surging demands, our YouTube video marketing agency derives a video creation checklist basis your requirement. This helps us to create the required quality videos on time. In fact, we aim to always keep the video ready before hand, to avoid any last minute hassle. We also setup your ads campaign for proper and optimum ad results. Our managers also monitor the performance driving key insights for improvement. We work on month-to-month strategy, keeping the next month strategy ready. This would enable us to avoid any delay and instead provide your effective results. Our ads optimizations experts analyse competitors and latest strategies in the platform. This enables us to derive more efficient marketing techniques empowers your brand presence and sales. Our holistic packages are based on real-time inputs aiming for result and performance based output.